CS Agency


CS Agency is your turnkey solution to building your Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity business.  Our experience is second to none.  Our team has worked at both the carrier and master agent level.  Our carrier experience gives us an insight into how the carriers work and how it affects your street teams.  Our master agent experience gives us first-hand experience when it comes to recruiting, training and motivating agents.  We combine all this into a roadmap for success for our master agents.

High Income Potential

We offer industry-leading compensation.

Get Paid On Time Every Time

Just like it says, never worry about whether you’re getting paid or not. We pay our distributors weekly.

Never Be Without Inventory

If you don’t have inventory, you don’t make money. We use a proprietary algorithm to unsure you always have 2 weeks of inventory.

Agent Leads

We help your business grow by supplying leads for potential agents.

Multiple Brands

We are partnered with multiple leading Lifeline/ACP companies. Ensuring that we have a solution that will fit your business and the area you work in.

Roadmap To Success

The CSA team has over 50 years of combined telecom experience and has worked as both the carriers and distributors. We share this experience with our partners to help them grow their businesses.

Become a Lifeline/ACP

Become a Lifeline/ACP